Welcome to Performance Matters Consulting Group, LLC — Cindy Brunger, MSW

A Performance-Related Focus

  • How organizations, through their operations and practices, provide services that facilitate positive outcomes for recipients despite current challenges in funding, staffing, and work location considerations;
  • How leaders and managers bring together funder and accreditation expectations with programs and processes that address barriers, promote competent services, and achieve the organization’s mission/vision.

Today’s non-profit leaders understand that success depends on all the pieces of the organization working together at all levels.  We use a “performance consulting” approach* to assess and clarify:

    • Business needs mission/intended impact of the organization and its services, and the importance of implementing contractual and accreditation requirements;
    • Performance needs each position’s essential purpose, key responsibilities/deliverables, and its best practices;
    • Training/Capacity needs to ensure that knowledge of critical concepts, treatment approaches, and essential duties are consistently implemented;
    • Work Environment needs attention to facilities and service milieus for safety, maintenance & decorating, privacy, and programmatic presence/scheduling/activities.

* See a list of books and articles related to performance consulting by clicking the Resources tab


Many agencies dread both their initial accreditation and the every-4-years reaccreditation, but there’s great opportunity in integrating the standards into programs and operations through the process; and data collection, analysis, and reporting provide all staff with feedback and learning.  Preparations needed for the self-study provide professional development opportunities across the organization for interested staff.

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