Welcome to Performance Matters Consulting Group, LLC

  • Support for Social Service Organizations

    • Accreditation Preparation
    • Meet Performance-Based Requirements
    • Medicaid Implementation/Compliance
    • Special or Time-Limited Projects
  • A Performance-Related Focus

Our priority is seeing organizations benefiting from performance-based and accreditation requirements. We use a “performance consulting” approach to assess, address, and clarify an agency’s

    • Business needs and contractual requirements
    • Performance needs at all levels related to contractual requirements, including recipient outcomes
    • Training/Capacity needs to ensure competent and effective services
    • Work Environment needs to optimize employee performance

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Accreditation Looming?

Many agencies dread it, but accreditation is a great opportunity to re-tool operations and direct services—and it can give employees opportunities to participate in ways they never have before. Read an interview where a successful preparation for accreditation is explored here.

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