“Cindy Brunger provided valuable consultation to the Children’s Place Association as we prepared for re-accreditation under the 8th edition Council on Accreditation standards.   Her belief in accreditation as a support to agencies and as a means to elevate the effectiveness of human service agencies kept the focus on excellence, and her attention to detail helped ensure that our material was complete and reflective of our practice.  She worked collaboratively with administration and staff and provided all the support we needed throughout the process.”

Cathy Krieger, CEO
The Children’s Place Association

“Cindy is an incredible asset to anyone looking to secure COA accreditation for the first time, or maintain their accreditation status. Not only does she possess an in-depth understanding of the COA Standards, but she takes a holistic and systematic approach to support all facets of an organization. She challenged our agency to adopt and integrate the COA standards into practices that improved our agency as a whole in all areas- from the Service Standards to the Administrative Standards. The knowledge she brought from going through the COA process with other agencies, as well as her years serving as a peer reviewer was incredibly valuable to us. Cindy was instrumental in helping our agency secure expedited accreditation in less than one year. Throughout the process, she pushed us to be our best and dedicated countless hours to helping us problem solve and identify ways our agency could grow from this process. We feel incredibly lucky to have found Cindy, and that we can continue to have her input and support as we work to maintain accreditation and evolve as an agency.”

Mallory Price, LCSW
Chicago House & Social Service Agency

“Our agency, Chicago House and Social Service Agency, hired Cindy to achieve accreditation in less than one year. We knew the only way we could do this would be to hire a consultant. We got Cindy’s name from another non-profit agency who had used her services for several accreditations and were extremely pleased with her competence, skill, and knowledge of the COA standards and process.

Cindy worked with our agency for months up until the accreditation and through the site visit as well. Cindy prepared timetables of To Do’s for each standard, provided interpretation of the meaning of the standards, reviewed every policy and procedure that we wrote, made practical and meaningful recommendations, pushed us to not just do the work to meet the standard but to really embrace and own the purpose behind the standards and finally provided mock interviews for us so that we would be fully prepared for the actual site visit. We did so well at the site visit that we received an expedited accreditation. We couldn’t have achieved this without the expertise of Cindy.  I fully endorse Cindy and will be using her services again when we come up for reaccreditation in a few years.”

Judith Perloff
Chicago House and Social Service Agency