Top 5 Reasons that the Hassles of Accreditation are Worth It

  1. Accreditation standards are developed with the input of expert practitioners from around the country. You can’t hardly buy this much expertise about best practices for your service areas and organization.
  2. Accreditation standards tend to improve organizations in their administrative operations, their services, and the environments of care (facilities). Everyone benefits from the comprehensive scrutiny and thoughtful improvements that accreditation brings.
  3. The quality improvement processes of accreditation, that are so dependent on various data sources, will result in better-informed leadership and an organization that is more responsive to its clients.
  4. Accreditation expects that your performance systems will be tied to strategic plans, quality improvement data, and service standards: a perfect combination. Done well, these changes will enhance employee performance and client outcomes.
  5. The Number 1 reason many agencies like accreditation? It’s the best team builder you can get—meaningful work across agency divisions, with improvements that can be seen and felt. Challenging? Yes, but worth it.

There are many more benefits to accreditation and the preparation process! Contact us for a complimentary consultation regarding your organization’s accreditation. We specialize in accreditation through COA (Council on Accreditation of Children and Family Services) but have been successful with NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children), and JCAHO (Joint Commission for Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations).

Copyright 2011 Performance Matters Consulting Group, LLC

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